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Privacy Notice

Saudi Payments is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAMA with the mandate to continue the legacy of SAMA by continuing to develop secure, interoperable national payment infrastructure, serving banks and fintechs equally, and providing the required standardization to ensure all providers have a level playing field.

Taking into account the importance of privacy and protection of personal data, the administration of the Saudi Payments website (“Administration” or “We”) aims to provide the best levels of service with a commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of personal data entered by or collected from the visitors or/and the Users of   the website (“User”). This privacy notice has been developed to ensure compliance with personal data protection laws and regulations and other relevant applicable legislation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to help the ("User") understand the nature of the data we collect and how these data will be processed and stored by the (“Administration”).

The use of the Saudi Payments Website by the User is considered as a consent to this privacy notice.



The personal data that the (“User”) enters for the purpose of registering or using the services of the (“Administration”), or that he provides via phone or email, is collected, and this data includes, but is not limited to, the following:

User identification data, including first and last name, national or residence ID number, email address, and phone number.
Recruitment data, including but not limited to CVs. For more information on this, check the recruitment platform's privacy notice.


The Personal Data Protection Law and applicable legislation in the Kingdom require that we inform the (“User”) of the legal basis for collecting and processing personal data. Saudi Payments will only collect and process personal data on the following basis:

  • When the collection and processing is necessary to fulfill Saudi Payments’ obligations with the (“User”),
  • Or, when we are legally obligated to comply with regulatory or legislative requirements, or
  • When the processing is necessary for Saudi Payments’ legitimate interests. Where permitted by applicable law and regulatory,
  • In addition to, to the processing of personal data for other activities mentioned in the below clause (The purpose of collecting and processing the personal data).


The personal data mentioned in the data collection clause is collected and processed for the following purposes:

To enable the (“User”) to browse the website.
Register on the employment site and apply for available jobs.
To provide, manage, and improve the services provided through the Saudi Payments website, including the employment platform.
Communicate and interact with the (“User”) for various purposes, such as when requesting assistance, responding to any inquiries or complaints, or communicating and conducting interviews with applicants for a job opportunity.
Monitor and detect violations of the terms of use and policies of the Website, as well as other potential cases of misuse.
Maintaining and raising the level of performance and security of the Saudi Payments Website and other Website services and managing their systems and networks.
Data that does not contain any personal identifiers and cannot be used to identify the (“User”) may be used by the Saudi Payments to use data and statistical indicators and share them with relevant third parties as the (“Administration”) deems necessary.


The personal data provided by the "user" to the website is collected and processed through:

  • Register for any of the website’s services,
  • Or communicate directly through official channels.


The (“Administration”) does not directly collect personal data of children under Eighteen years old (18) or those who are incapacitated, and if the "User" provides personal data, he must be the legal guardian and consent to the collection and processing, The administration has the authority to request any document to verify their legal guardian status.



Personal data will be retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, or for specified retention periods as long as necessary, or to meet legal, regulatory, or accounting requirements. In accordance with Saudi payment policies and procedures. Data retention periods are subject to regular, periodic review to ensure that personal data is not kept for longer than necessary. Personal data is stored within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Saudi payment servers, and these servers are protected with the best technologies in accordance with the policies and controls of the National Cybersecurity Authority, in addition to other applicable standards, to prevent unauthorized access and reduce cyber risks. The data will be securely destroyed so that it cannot be viewed or retrieved again.



Saudi Payments takes the protection of personal data seriously and is committed to using the necessary organizational, administrative, and technical procedures and methods to protect personal data from any unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction. In addition to conducting internal and external audits, data encryption, and employee training on data protection and privacy.
The access to personal data is limited to authorized employees based on the purposes and uses determined by the approved policies of Saudi Payments.


Saudi Payments does not share or transfer personal data to third parties, with the exception of any trusted third parties who assist us in operating the site, providing products and services, or providing technical support, while ensuring that those parties adhere to Saudi Payments cybersecurity and data sharing policies, as well as the regulations and laws related to the protection of personal data in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Payments reserves the right to disclose personal data based on any legal request if such disclosure is compatible with the regulations and Laws adapted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Non-identifying data may be used as part of cumulative statistical data and indicators and shared with all relevant parties, as Saudi Payments considers appropriate.
Personal data will not be disclosed or transferred or processed outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, except based on the applicable laws and regulations, in the event of necessity or to achieve the intended purposes of collecting and processing it in the first place.


Saudi Payments Website and the recruitment website may contain links to third-party websites or services, which are subject to separate privacy policies. Please note that these links are beyond the control of Saudi Payments, and Saudi Payments is not responsible for how other parties collect or use personal data. The (“user”) bear full responsibility for the data and must review the privacy policies of these links.



The data subject (“User”) has the right to exercise his rights stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Law which include:
Right to be informed: the data subject (“User”) has the right to be informed about the processing and collecting of its personal data and the legal basis for such processing and collecting.
Right to Access: The personal data subject (“User”) has the right to request a copy of his/her personal data.
Right to correct or update its personal data: The personal data subject (“User”) has the right to request the correction or update of his/her personal data that he/she deems inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete.
Right to destroy personal data: The personal data subject (“User”) has the right to request the destruction of his/her personal data in certain circumstances, unless there is a legal or contractual requirement require retention of the data for longer period.  
Right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data: The personal data subject (“User”) can withdraw his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data -at any time- unless there are legitimate purposes that require the contrary.
The (“User”) has the right to exercise the above rights by communicating with the(“Administration”) Via the channels mentioned in the communication section below, noting that the (“Administration”) may request additional information in order to implement the request or verify identity.


The (“User”) is obliged to contact the (“Administration”) immediately when it is believed that someone has been able to access his data or his account.
The (“User”) is obligated not to give any confidential information over the phone or the Internet unless the identity of the person or party receiving the information is known.
The (“User”) is obligated not to share login information (username, password) with others and not to allow others to use the user account on the Career website.
The (“User”) is obligated to update the contact information used to identify their personal information or employment if it is replaced.


In the event that there are some complaints or inquiries related to the Privacy Notice, dealing with personal data, or exercising the rights mentioned in the section “Rights of the Personal Data Subject,” please contact the (“Administration”) via the following channels:


The (“Administration”) reserves the right to add, change, or modify any of the provisions of this privacy notice, and the user will be notified of that. The (“Administration”) has the right to suspend the user’s account in the event that the new version of the privacy notice is not accepted.

Issue number: 1.0

Update date: 22/01/2024